7:30pm April 23, 2014

/accidentally allydias/


/accidentally allydias/


4:00pm April 23, 2014

"Now to demonstrate your devotion to the Spice Girls, I understand that you have a gift, and I wanted to challenge you on this gift tonight… you are able to do what?" "Their autographs." [x]

12:30pm April 23, 2014


Josh looks like an overexcited girl oh my god

4:00pm April 22, 2014


And yet these dorks are STILL not dating. -facepalm-

-cries- Three days of constant drawing - worth it! I want to thank Lownly for writing one of the best fanfic of all time. Like A Drum continuously makes me happy, laugh and love these dorks even more. All the best on the upcoming chapter Lownly, but take your time and no pressure alright! This is for you!

Anyway, follow me on Twitter, to see my drawing updates!

12:30pm April 22, 2014


fucking buffy look at her furrowed brows like she cant braid hair and theres fucking xander not even fucking looking at the hair — just whippin out french braids like it aint nothin what the frick this show man seriously

7:30pm April 21, 2014


"I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave."

4:00pm April 21, 2014
Spirited Away + Colors
12:30pm April 21, 2014

can’t i be strong and go to prom?

can’t i be strong and go to prom?

7:30pm April 20, 2014

They’re just  s o n g b i r d s .Right?

4:00pm April 20, 2014


→ Gertrud's labyrinth.
12:30pm April 20, 2014


mcu meme - 3/7 relationships;  clint barton and natasha romanoff.

Why am I back? How’d you get him out?

Cognitive recalibration. I hit you really hard in the head.


3:17am April 20, 2014

"If anything is cute about Winston, it’s his yawn"

"He’s happier than me watching Coach watching Winston yawn"

7:30pm April 19, 2014
stereotypedebunker asked: Marco's ~5 min are very important though. In that time we know he has good intentions, is tactful enough to know Eren may be distressed because titans, gets shiftily eyed by Reiner, compliments Jean (twice; he's got it bad), shows his leadership skills (by endorsing Armin's plan, keeping other trainees calm, and fainting), comforts nervous wreck Daz and compliments (tries to) Sasha, watching Jean's back, and then dying. Wait, how does this even fit in 5 minutes?


exactly marco does more in five minutes than other people’s faves do in an entire season marco bodt is so important